Clean the ocean. Help spread Okeano.

Remove plastic from the ocean while you search the web

We use the profit we make from your searches to remove plastic from the ocean and coastlines.

Join our mission

Our mission is to help end the ocean plastic crisis and raise awareness about the problem. Okeano is not just a search engine, it's also a creative way to turn your searches into something much bigger.

A new kind of search engine


With Okeano your searches help end the ocean plastic crisis. We use 80% of our profits to remove plastic from the ocean and coastlines.

Privacy first

Search the web anonymously. Unlike other search engines, we don't track, collect or share any information about you.


Transparency is important to us. We publish our monthly financial reports so you know how the income from your searches is spent.

How Okeano works


Make a search

You search the web with Okeano.


Click on an ad

Every time you click on an ad, we get paid.


We collect plastic

We use this income to collect plastic in collaboration with Plastic Bank.

Our team

David Gutiérrez

Founder and engineer

Inspired by Boyan Slat's purpose-driven engineering philosophy, David built Okeano to help end the ocean plastic crisis.

Rubén Ferlo


Rubén Ferlo is a Madrid-based graphic designer and art director who probably drinks too much coffee.

Evgeniya Gutova


When she is not busy finishing her PhD in linguistics at Sorbonne University, she helps making Okeano multilingual.