About us

Okeano is a search engine with a simple proposition — help end ocean plastic pollution and respect your privacy.

Hi. 👋 My name is David, I'm the founder, engineer, designer, customer support and marketer at Okeano. Nice to meet you.

I'm based in Oviedo, a small city near Picos de Europa in Northern Spain.

Inspired by Boyan Slat's purpose-driven engineering philosophy, I started Okeano to help end ocean plastic pollution.

With Okeano, you can turn your searches into a positive change for a cleaner ocean and planet.

Meet the river interceptor

Developed by the Ocean Cleanup Project, the river interceptor is the only scalable solution capable of stopping significant amounts of plastic from entering the ocean.

This solar-powered river interceptor can collect up to 50 metric tons of plastic daily and be deployed to the majority of the world's rivers.

According to research done by the Ocean Cleanup Project, 80% of the plastic that makes it to the ocean stems from 1000 rivers.

At Okeano, we have a simple proposition — purchase as many river interceptors we can and deploy them to the most polluting rivers around the world.