Our privacy policy

We don't collect or share any information about you.

Privacy policy

When you search at Okeano, we don't know who you are and it's impossible to tie your searches to you.

In fact, if any three letter agency (NSA, CIA, and so on) were to request information about any of our users, it would be impossible for us to provide any identifiable information.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer.

By default, Okeano doesn't store any cookies on your computer with the excetion of the sc search count cookie. This cookie allows us to display you the number of searches you've made.

Okeano will, at your request, set the following cookies:

None of these cookies serve to identify you or are in any way tied to your searches.

External content

We deliver all external content through a proxy. This means all content that is provided by other websites in our search results - such as images - go through our servers, removing all information that could be used to track you.

This policy is effective as of 27 April 2020.